having error: Could not be resolved, or error: Compiler-error-archive-for-required-library-could-not-be-read, or library and importing errors.

Go to "adding the libraries" in the documentation.

If this does not work try:

A good way to add external JARs to your Android project or any Java project is:

  1. Create a folder called libs in your project's root folder
  2. Copy your JAR files to the libs folder
  3. Now right click on the Jar file and then select Build Path > Add to Build Path, which will create a folder called 'Referenced Libraries' within your project

By doing this, you will not lose your libraries that are being referenced on your hard drive whenever you transfer your project to another computer.


Unzip the libraries.zip file to your desktop (for link please go to your docs, adding the libraries). 

Go to: RightClick project->Properties->Java Build Path->Add external Jar Files and select the .jar files on your desktop (the just unzipped ones).

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