I can't download/generate the template! (missing fields)

This may happen when not all the required fields have a (valid) input.

The required fields are:

  • App name
  • At least one Web Item with a valid url
  • About text 
  • Primary color, secondary color, accent color
  • Splash screen image
  • Icon image

Also, it is important that the image files (splash url and icon url) are valid png images.

Urls should always start with http and colors always with # (if applicable).

Make sure you have entered a valid input (text, color code, url, etc) in these boxes (they can be found in multiple tabs). 

Server connection

Please keep in mind that uploading your images might take a few minutes. Our compute servers are hosted by AppFog and should be reachable from most countries, if you are not able to reach our servers, we'd recommend using a secured VPN (US or EU).

Still experiencing trouble?

We recommend to use the offline version, found in the download on CodeCanyon.  

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2015-09-12 13:28
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