IPV6 Rejection - "We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iDevice running iOS .. on Wi-Fi connected to an IPv6 Network"

The template exclusively use Apple’s API’s for networking requests, so all requests we make support IPv6. In addition, all the API's we do connect with (E.g. the Youtube API, Facebook API, etc) do support IPv6. As a result, the template fully complies with IPV6 out of the box.

When your app is rejected because of the lack of IPv6 support, this is most likely because you have added some IPV4 only content providers. E.g. you might be using an audio/radio stream that only has IPV4 support, use a Wordpress API that only supports IPv4, or you might show a site in your WebView that has IPV4 support only.

Please remove any content providers that don't support IPv6 or replace them with content providers (servers) that do support IPv6.

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2016-12-09 16:38
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