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Changes in the Instagram API that may affect your app

What has changed?

Due to a recent update of the Instagram API it is not possible to read Instagram User feeds using an access token that is not generated on the account of the user, unless you've added the user as a sandbox user or if you have submitted your app for release.

Read more on how to respond to this new update with a new API token.

What are my other options?

If the above solution is not suitable for you, we recommend disabling Instagram in your app for now.

Instead, you can:

* Show your instagram page using WebView

* Show an RSS feed of your Instagram in your app.

* Try one of the expirimental solutions below.


Make sure to let us know if the method specified works for you, so we can improve the process as we speak.

Our sincere appologies for the inconvenience.


Last update: 2016-06-23 21:06
Author: Sherdle

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